About Us

Advanced Knowledge, LLC is a team of experts in the fields of Business Research, Business Consulting, Market Consulting, and Risk Management. We are eager to cooperate with enterprises during their period of integration and development; and aim to be a constant companion to our clients on their road to prosperity. We have harnessed a qualified team with a common goal, a fresh perspective and a youthful vigor.

Advanced Knowledge’s main strength is our young, dynamic homegrown team. We have an entrenched and extensive local network that can tap into and cover a broad spectrum of industries. Our team members are creative, independent thinkers with a deep understanding of the Vietnamese market, allowing us to offer the best solutions tailored to every business need.

Advanced Knowledge’s goal is to become one of the leading business consulting firms in South East Asia. We are committed to providing the highest quality services, as well as creating a fair and friendly working environment for our employees and fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Nation-wide distribution system: We can help sell your products throughout Southeast Asia
– Experience in working with Government and obtaining government’s approval for legal product entry
– Our team has more than 20 years experience in importing and distribution of products.