Market Entry

Many companies want to do business internationally but have little experience. The decision where to start in navigating the Vietnamese business environment is daunting at best.

  • What are the best entry methods and most efficient and cost effective ways to accomplish your goals?
  • What are the obstacles and barriers I can expect?

As each challenge appears, we lead your team to identify the risks, clarify their impact, work in your best interest, and help you understand all aspects of doing business in Vietnam. Each business is unique and has different resources and business requirements; therefore a customized market entry solution is essential. Our contemporary approach strategically analyzes and assesses your unique situation based on our local understanding of cultural, social, and economic conditions to develop multiple paths to directly connect to your Vietnamese customer.

Once multiple market entry paths are generated and compared. We will guide you through a comparative analysis of the leading proposals and help guide the process for you to make the most profitable business decision.