The Services of AK

Advanced Knowledge, LLC is a consulting company providing business services to companies who wish to sell their products in Southeast Asia. We are not only the representatives for the manufacture in finding the right importers or exclusive distributor partners but also we manage the sales operation structure nationwide. We work consistently to push sales, clear stock, and expand the market share in the new markets.
One of Advanced Knowledge’s strengths is our close relationship with importers and our exclusive distribution partners. We use these relationships to set up and constantly improve our distribution system and we will use our expertise to design and propose the marketing plan both strategically and tactically by year, quarter, and monthly based on seasonal sales.

The services provided by Advanced Knowledge in detail are described below:
1. We will manage the sales operation structure nationwide in your chosen markets.
2. Find the right partners for your company to work as importers or exclusive distributors, with a focus on Southeast Asian countries.
3. We will use our local marketing expertise to build up and develop your brand for Southeast Asian market.
4. We will use our expertise of local markets to build and develop distribution and sales systems nationwide; including traditional distributors, modern trade customers and key accounts.
5. Develop and deliver training courses in selling, marketing skills, and management for the sales force for the exclusive distributors. We also provide field coaching for sales representatives, sales supervisors and other sales management levels.
6. We will create and design sales reports and consult with exclusive distributors in data keying and data management of sales and customers.
7. Expand and recruit customers for our exclusive distributors – including wholesalers, dealers, and retailors in every province nationwide.
8. Push sales and ensure sustainable monthly sales growth fast by helping exclusive distributors unload and deliver shipments from seaports or airports (sales-out and sales-in) to facilitate the achievement the targets.